It's that time of the year again where we take a moment and say thank you to the person who has held our hand through life. Helped us up when we fell down. Taught us the value of unconditional love. Showed us strength and has cherished us through it all without asking for anything in return.

To express your thanks, love and respect Urban Jungle is introducing a selection of gifts and flowers hamper range to say THANK YOU

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Mother's Day Flowers

Every day, we should take time to show our mothers exactly how much they mean to us. After all, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. However, just in case we forget, more than 50 countries have set aside one day each year to celebrate mothers and all that they do.

If you want to make your mother smile this Mother's Day, consider a beautiful bouquet and call Urban Jungle florists for a special delivery of Mother's Day flowers in Canberra.

Traditional Mother's Day Flowers

Chrysanthemums have been the traditional flower of choice throughout Australia to give to mums on this special day. Chrysanthemums suggest a sentiment of friendship and good wishes. Pairing a gift of chrysanthemums with a Mother's Day brunch has been a long-time tradition in Australia as well.

Chrysanthemums bloom naturally during the Autumn season and, as such, are widely available for the perfect Mother's Day gift. Grown in stunning shades of almost every colour except blue, Chrysanthemums make up some of the most amazing floral arrangements on Mother's Day. As long as they are kept watered and cool, chrysanthemums will continue to look fresh longer than many other flowers and are ideal for replanting in the garden where they will grow annually.

Other Popular Choices for Mother's Day

While chrysanthemums, also called chrissies or mums, are the traditional flower choice for Mother's Day in Australia, that is not the case everywhere in the world. In many parts of the world, carnations are the flower of choice for this particular occasion, and both are considered a modern touch to the traditional Mother's Day bouquets.

Not everyone is familiar with the language of flowers, in which many flower types and colours have become associated with expressing specific sentiments or emotions. For example, basic lilies are another flower associated with motherhood and are another excellent gift idea on Mother's Day.

Sometimes colour can make a difference in what you intend to say with your choice of flowers. Roses are synonymous with love; however, many don't realise that a red rose more specifically implies love, yellow indicates a cherished friendship, and white shows admiration. Pink roses demonstrate gratitude, and many suggest that orange roses express energy and joy.

No matter what part of the world we are from, one fact remains constant. A beautifully arranged bouquet of any fresh flower with dazzling colour is a great way to show our mothers how much we appreciate them. With so many beautiful choices, including tulips, orchids, and gerberas, you can't go wrong.

Our Flower Shop

While it isn't necessary to select a traditional flower, it is essential to choose just the right flower for that special mother in your life. If you aren't sure what to get her, our expert florists at Urban Jungle can help with your Mother's Day flowers in Canberra. We can select and recommend a flower with traditional meaning or put together a gift of her favourite Canberra Mothers day flowers.

At Urban Jungle, we specialise in flowers native to Australia, baskets of greenery, potted plants, and meticulously designed bouquets. Our products are colourful, fragrant, and fresh, and we affordably create our bouquets, arrangements, and posies to celebrate all occasions.

We can make and deliver the perfect Mother's Day gift. We can present your floral gift in exquisitely designed vases, beautifully set long-stemmed presentation boxes, or in a variety of crisp, dazzling wraps. Along with a styled message from you, we can customise your flowers with a gift hamper that complements the occasion. We can add sweet chocolates, fine wines, bubbly champagne, fun balloons, or soft plushies.

Our flowers and gifts are carefully selected and elegantly arranged. We make sure that your flowers are expressive, vivid, and have a personal touch on this special day because there is no better way to show her how you feel.

Our Canberra Mother's Day Delivery Services

Regardless of how old we are, the mothers in our lives have been our best friends, our loudest supporters, our sounding boards, our protectors, and so much more. Do not hesitate to celebrate your mum with Mother's Day flowers in Canberra.

Urban Jungle has the best in Canberra on this special occasion. We create and hand-deliver the freshest and most stunning arrangements for Mother's Day. We can make receiving Mother’s Day flowers as enjoyable as the flowers themselves. Our trusted online services offer same-day delivery to all offices and homes in the Canberra area.

Make this occasion memorable with a gift from Urban Jungle. Let us help you send flowers to celebrate this Mother's Day with all the mothers in your life. You can order flowers online anytime, stop by our Urban Jungle flower shop, or call us at 6247 7947 to schedule a surprise Mother's Day flower delivery in Canberra today.