Fruit salad plant (Monstera deliciosa)

Monstera deliciosa is undeniably one of the most famous indoor plants to ever exist. You can often spot the distinctive leaves in movies, video games, and printed across at least three cushions at your local homewares store. Apart from being an absolute fashion icon, it is also an extremely hardy and versatile plant.

Often the care instructions online are a mishmash of cut and pasted Wikipedia articles that are not relevant to Australia and can be strangely specific. On the flip side, the tags found on many plants are annoyingly vague when it comes to defining the amount of light and water a plant needs, often asking for a ‘medium amount’ of certain things, like we all know how much that is. That’s why we’ll be using real anecdotes and relatable measurements to help you take care of your Monstera deliciosa aka ‘Fruit Salad Plant’, aka ‘Elephant Ear Plant’ aka ‘Swiss Cheese Plant.’

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