Indoor Plant

Indoor Plants Canberra

Sometimes, looking at a white wall or an empty corner of your home can be intimidating. You know you want to fill it, but you’re not exactly sure how. Whether it’s a wide, tall, or narrow section of empty space in any room, fill it with vibrant coloured living companions from Urban Jungle in Canberra, Australia.

Vining Plants

With philodendrons, pothos, and other vining plants, you can stake them up to grow on poles, filling vertical spaces while watching them grow tall. You can also leave them to grow downwards, naturally cascading off of shelves for a living wall effect, or on tables for the perfect conversation starter. With these plants coming in many different sizes, shapes, and colours, you’ll feel like you’re bringing a piece of the jungle right into your living room.

Other Plants

Our wide range of plants also includes ficus, ferns, snake plants, and Monsteras, each with its unique leaf designs, textures, and (most importantly) care instructions. If you decide to make one of our plants yours, we promise to give you the most accurate and detailed instructions on how to keep it reaching for the ceiling.

If you’re looking for a splash of colour, we’ve got indoor plants for you plant lovers, too! Sometimes your house needs more than just a green backdrop. That’s why we sell flowers like Cymbidium orchids (with a variety of colours from light pink to burgundy) that flower for weeks on end.

Indoor Plant Delivery Canberra

Whether you’re trusting us with your plant needs or gifts for the family, we’ve got you covered. Include greeting cards, pots, glass vases, or other plants with your order and purchase before 1 p.m. to receive same-day delivery for a flat rate of $15 across the Canberra region today!